Weirdo Ghost Gang
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Weirdo Ghost Gang

「We're the ghost, your nightmare, your daydream.」

About Weirdo Ghost Gang

Weirdo Ghost Gang, affectionately known as "Lil Ghost", is a Web3 native IP incubated by ManesLAB. Having a storied background in pioneering aesthetics, a free-spirited community culture, and diverse development trajectories, Weirdo Ghost Gang has captivated collectors, artists, and musicians worldwide. Embodying Web3's free, open, innovative, and inclusive lifestyle, Weirdo Ghost Gang amplifies creative content and operations to inspire. Their unwavering essence is to "OUTA THE BOX, BE A WEIRDO". As an unignorable force in the Web3 realm, Weirdo Ghost Gang will persistently fortify their IP while cultivating community, products, street culture, fashion, arts, and more, sharing their unique attitude and core values globally. They are dedicated to fostering the ongoing integration of Web2 scenarios and Web3 ecosystems.

Incubated by ManesLAB

Founded in 2022, ManesLAB is an incubator dedicated to the large-scale adoption of Web3. It’s passionately involved in hatching an array of Web3-native IPs and blockchain applications. Under its wings are three major sub-brands: Weirdo Ghost Gang NFT - a Web3-native brand IP, CutUp - a fashion and cultural studio, and ManeSTUDIO & ManeSPACE - focusing on the growth of the creator economy, along with MID, a multi-chain identity protocol for all netizens.
With the mission “to foster the integration of the Web2 space with the Web3 ecosystem, building a the cultural and technological engine for the new era,” ManesLAB is establishing diverse connections with top-tier Web2 partners and active forces in Web3. Together with various cultural and lifestyle brands, ManesLAB is crafting a rich, independent, personalized, and stylish Web3 culture, giving life to new brand IPs with vigor and commercial value.

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