🙏WGG Brand, Logos & Usage

Please read our brand guideline before using the WGG logo and assets.

The branding is as important as all rests of a project. 😋

Download Weirdo Ghost Gang Logo and Assets

  • This Zip contains logo in .svg and .png

What Can I Do with WGG Logos?

We don't enjoy telling folks don't do this don't do that, but we would have to draw lines clearly.

✅ You may:

  • ✅ Use the logo and brand assets in digital and print media for WGG related content, press release, poster, videos if you are approved official partners, collaborators.

  • ✅ Use the logo and brand assets for academic or research purpose, if the attributes is given properly.

  • ✅ Use the logo and brand assets for media coverage, report, videos and articles when the topic relates to Weirdo Ghost Gang project or community.

🚫 You may not:

  • 🚫 Use the logo and brand assets for any unapproved commercial use of creating, producing, and distribution of goods, both digitally and physically.

    • If you want to create fan art or making physical goods of Weirdo Ghost Gang you are holding, please feel to do so, but you may not put logos on the goods without prop licence agreement with Weirdo Ghost Gang.

  • 🚫 Use the logo and brand assets or any derivative works in brand name and logos which servers parties that can conflict or compete with Weirdo Ghost Gang.

    • Don’t make a NFT collection that looks like Weirdo Ghost Gang and name it "潦草娃"

  • 🚫 Use or remix the logo and brand assets to imply any false relationship, partnership, sponsorship, endorsement or any kinds of interactions that has not been approved by Weirdo Ghost Gang/ManesLAB officially.

    • If you want to create any fan community, twitter group or wechat group, please make sure you do not use WGG logo and clearly state the unofficial nature.

👻Feel free to reach out to legal@maneslab.xyz if you have any uncertainties.

The logo and brand assets of Weirdo Ghost Gang are intellectual properties that belong to ManesLAB Inc. under protection of the copyright law in (include but not limited to) EU, US and China. ManesLAB Inc. reserves the right to take legal action against any kind of misuse and copyright infringement.

Logo Guidelines

General Logos

In the media package you downloaded, you will find the below logos in .png and .svg. The default logo of Weirdo Ghost Gang is the light version which you will find appear the most often.

If there the WGG logo can only appear once, please make sure the Typ.A logo is used. You may use Typ.B as an icon and Typ.C as other element, but please make sure Typ.B and Typ.C do not appear solely without clear statement of "Weirdo Ghost Gang".

The light version does not always work if the the background itself is already in light colors, therefore, if have to, you may use the dark version of WGG logos.

🚫Some Don'ts

Combine and Reassemble Logos

It is okay to combine some WGG logos, if the space allows it is totally fine to combine logo Typ.A with either Typ.B or Typ.C.

What's perfect

😶Well, that's fine...

🚫What's Nah...

Brand Naming

Spelling and Writing

Please make sure the brand name is spelled as either "Weirdo Ghost Gang" or "WEIRDO GHOST GANG" with correct capital and lowercase letters.

You may have spotted the writing as "The Weirdo Ghost Gang" somewhere, for example, our OpenSea collection.

Actually, "The" is not a must and can be ignored in most cases.


The shortened form of our brand is "WGG", once again, please make sure it appears only in capital writings.

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